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The Camera

There they were, just hanging on a display board near the rest of the disposable cameras: $10.99 for a single-use 2-megapixel digital camera, as seen on Slashdot.

[Front] Here's a scan of the front of the package, with the camera still in it. Click for larger scan.

[Back] This is the back of the unopened package. Note the "unzip" feature -- you can't get the camera out of the package without destructively opening it. So you can't take a bunch of incriminating photos and leave it for some unsuspecting victim.

Now, the question: do I open it up and take pictures -- and pay another $10.99 for developing -- or do I wait for the Slashdot community to finish hacking the camera so I can hook it up to my own PC?

robert b at dixie dash chicks dot com